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Sunday, January 22, 2006
USA vs. Canada: I went to the game this evening between the U.S. and Canada men's soccer teams. The game ended in a 0-0 tie. The biggest news of the night was soccer phenom Freddy Adu's first appearance on the men's national team, making him the youngest man to ever play for the team. Though he only played for a few minutes, he didn't do much in that time -- as evidenced by the scoreless tie.

I was on the field for the game thanks to a photo pass I procured. I spent the second half of the game standing next to comedian Drew Carey. Carey was also on the sidelines shooting the game with a very impressive Canon camera rig.

And now the photoblogging...with caveats. First, Torero stadium is dark. It may not seem that way for people watching or playing the game, but it's dark for photography. The Kingdome was darker (I shot a Chargers-Seahawks game there in the mid-90s), but this was close.

All these photos were shot at ISO 1600, and even then I was occasionally having trouble getting stop-action. Here are four of my best shots from the evening using my Olympus E-500 and a 50-200mm f2.8/3.5 lens.

I may post some other photos later in the week, but overall I think the Olympus did pretty well -- which it is going to have to do, because I can't afford the next lens up.

11:37 PM

That last shot is great. Wonderful action on the ball, the keeper changing directions, and the defender with his arms up.

Although, seeing that photo you'd think the score was at least 1-0...
We need finishers. (Or maybe #5 got the call he wanted...)
You ought to be able to sell the last photo. Great action shot!
Actually, part of the deal that got me the pass was offering whatever I took to the Union-Tribune for their use. After looking everything over, they didn't want any of them.
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