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Monday, December 26, 2005
This time it's personal: San Diego State University and CSU Long Beach are being sued -- and they're gonna lose. The Alliance Defense Fund is suing the two schools -- and the CSU system -- over their non-discrimination policies. You can find the complaint here. [PDF format]

The CSU bars religious groups on campus from making sure that leaders/members share their faith and values. Imagine a Muslim being president of Campus Crusade for Christ. Or a Christian as president of the Muslim Students Association. That's what this regulation would create.

This is personal, because one of the groups being banned from SDSU is a Christian fraternity, Alpha Gamma Omega, and I was one of the founders of the Kappa Chapter at Cal Poly SLO. Though Cal Poly is also a CSU school, the Kappa Chapter is recognized by the university, and has been ever since its founding in 1992. It goes to show that these regulations aren't equally enforced throughout the CSU system.

What isn't covered in the non-discrimination policy is so-called "viewpoint discrimination." Therefore the school's anti-war group can exclude supporters of the war on terrorism from their group. An Anime group (Japanese cartoons) can ban Looney Toons lovers from their group. But, a Christian fraternity can't bar non-Christians from leadership positions. (Unlike the other groups mentioned, AGO does not bar non-Christians from being members, just from leadership positions. Although, I must confess that I doubt anyone could make it through pledgeship without either becoming a Christian or dropping out altogether. And there have been examples of non-Christians who pledged the fraternity and became Christians later.)

This is just another example of the effort to purge religious belief from the public square. The end result of the CSU policy would be that there would be no religious groups of any kind on campus -- surely a result that many bigoted, anti-Christian liberals would endorse.

Fortunately, America hasn't moved that far in their direction yet. The CSU is going to lose, so it should save some taxpayer dollars and cave now.

9:06 PM

Matthew - Two comments: First, and I think I have mentioned it before, is that this type opposition should not be a surprise to any Christian. Jesus said that was the wait it would be and so it has been - for 2000 years.

Second, no exultation allowed in cases like this. Christians have to win EVERY time, the Enemy only has to win once.
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