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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Photoblogging: I'm hoping to do some more photoblogging now that I've finally got my hands on a digital SLR. This will put my venerable old Pentax ME Super into quasi retirement. For those of you who are at all interested in digital photography, I picked up an Olympus E-500. The unexpected bonus with this camera is that the remote control that came with my first Olympus digital camera that I got 3 1/2 years ago (a C4040) works on my new E-500.

The E-500 came with a two lens kit which allows you to cover the gamut from a 35mm film equivalent of 28mm to 300mm. I've only had it a few days, but the camera works great. It has a full manual mode that allows you control over everything along with the obligatory aperture and shutter priority modes. The camera also comes with a variety of presets that you can use for specific circumstances. For example, there's a preset just for shooting sunsets.

I took this photo Monday at Carlsbad State Beach. The nicest thing about this digital SLR is that you can make all sorts of adjustments to exposure settings and f-stops and try out all sorts of combinations to get just the right shot -- and you don't spend hundreds of dollars on film and print costs. With my old ME Super, I could go on a trip and come back with a half-dozen or more rolls of film -- and the costs were astronomical.

Another nice thing about the E-500 is that you can shoot 2.5 fps at high quality until you fill up the CompactFlash card if you get one of the high speed ones. That's great for sports or action shots.

Thus far, I wholeheartedly endorse the E-500. I know that the Instapundit has a Nikon D70, and Dale Franks has a Canon Eos 20D (which is WAY out of my price range), but I really do think it's tough to get more bang for your buck than the E-500 two lens kit.

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If you're interested in buying one, you can get one here -- and help support Hoystory by clicking the link. If you're interested in supporting more Hoystory photoblogging, you can always buy me a lens from my wish list.

1:25 AM

I've been looking real hard at the E-500 my self. I have the Olympus C-3030 & the E-100rs (real fast). Keep the photo blogging coming, I'm interested in all you have to say about the E-500, also enjoy your daily comments.
I didn't know you lived in North County, too. Small World.
I chose the E-500 over the Nikon D-50 because it seemed to be newer generation feature set, and the LCD is awesome!

Sample pix here:
I have one. It's OK. I think that all DSLRs are overhyped in comparison to less expensive and much smaller and lighter compact digital cameras.
Half -

That really depends on what you use it for. I do a lot of 20x30 enlargements, and the difference in lens quality really shows between the DSLR lenses and the fixed lens in my little Fuji FinePix. With the E-500, I have a choice. With the Fuji, not so much.
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