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Friday, December 23, 2005
The hardest substance on Earth: Diamonds, right? Wrong. The hardest substance on Earth is the skull of a New York Times editorial writer.

Evidence? This. I'm only going to skewer the second paragraph, because after that, it's just meaningless.

Virtually from the time he chose himself to be Mr. Bush's running mate in 2000,

Because Bush can't make a decision on his own, he's an automaton.

Dick Cheney has spearheaded an extraordinary expansion of the powers of the presidency -

The evidence is?

from writing energy policy behind closed doors with oil executives

As compared with writing health care policy behind closed doors? Let's also ignore the fact that the Supreme Court said this was legal. And do the Democrats in the House and Senate also have to release a list of everyone they meet with to formulate their initiatives?

to abrogating longstanding treaties

Like the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with a nation that no longer exists and in a world where a rogue nation like North Korea could insanely launch a nuke our way on a whim?

and using the 9/11 attacks as a pretext to invade Iraq,

The pretext to invade Iraq was its failure to abide by the 1991 cease fire. It became an issue because Saddam was supporting terrorists. Abu Musab Al Zarqawi was in Iraq before we invaded.

scrap the Geneva Conventions

This just in: the Geneva Conventions don't apply to terrorists who wear no uniform, target civilians, etc. Has anyone there actually read the damn things?

and spy on American citizens.

If they are working with al Qaeda or its affiliates on putting another huge hole in New York. Next time it might be the Times building -- not that that would be a big loss.

The New York Times editorial board: No brains required.

1:27 AM

I had to check the article link, because it had to be one of the dishonest half-wits Krugman or Dowd.

But no, this is penned by THE EDITORS!

They should continue to pursue their loony anti-Bush agenda -- "impeach" Bush, because it would be a hoot to see them deal with President Cheney.

Were they in an uproar over Clinton's Executive Order 12949, and the warrant-less search of Aldrich Aimes' home and property, for example?

You can bet they wrote not a word of condemnation towards Clinton.

Why even bother writing about them? Their stock is in the tank, and everyone knows they are full of crap.

Merry Christmas my cyber-pal.
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