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Sunday, December 04, 2005
California's shame: Sen. Barbara Boxer (Idiot, California) was on "Fox News Sunday" today demonstrating to the rest of America that a single digit IQ is no barrier to a Senate seat.

I had missed Boxer's statement last week on the Iraq war, largely because I feared that if I actually started to read it I would be reduced to a slobbering vegetable by the time I finished the first paragraph -- I was right.

Once we clearly state that we do not intend to stay in Iraq forever, the insurgency will be diminished and our brave men and women can begin to come home.

Words fail me. Can she truly believe that?

Let's ignore the fact that the president has repeatedly stated -- and it was one of those statements that prompted this idiocy from Boxer -- that as the Iraqi Army stands up, U.S. forces will stand down. As Iraqi forces can control the security situation there, American troops will come home. Boxer is living in some fantasyland -- reality-based community my arse -- where the terrorists just want the U.S. out and then everything will be hunky-dory.

I guess it needs to be said again: They just don't get it. It's four years after 3,000 Americans were brutally murdered, and Sen. Boxer Moron still doesn't get exactly who and what we are fighting.

Later in the interview, Boxer actually went on the record as saying that violence would go down if U.S. troops immediately pulled out. Yes, leaving a power vacuum would increase security in Boxer's la-la land. It's the Boxer mentality that explains San Francisco voters' decision to pass a ban on handguns in that city. After all, if you take all guns away from the law-abiding, then the criminals won't use theirs either.

I can think of only one Democrat that you can trust on foreign policy, and he's the guy who could never get elected: Joe Lieberman.

9:29 PM

Just leave it to another demacrat doing more mindless braying why dont they keep their pieholes shut for once
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