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Saturday, December 17, 2005
Eavesdropping: Let me just say that I'm not outraged about The New York Times' revelation that the NSA has been eavesdropping on international phone calls without a court order. It's unclear whether or not this is legal, Fox News had on author and former investigative reporter Ronald Kessler who claims that it is legal.

However, the Times report has a couple of problems journalistically.

First, the paper has apparently had this story for the better part of a year, yet decides to run the story on the same day that the Patriot Act is up for a vote in the Senate. The timing is suspiciously fishy. Was the time really journalistically ripe? Or was this a supposedly nonpartisan newsroom playing a partisan game?

Second, Drudge reports that one of the authors of the Times piece has a book on the subject coming out -- a book that he turned in to the publisher three months ago.

The paper failed to reveal the urgent story was tied to a book release and sale.

I anxiously await public editor Byron Calame's take on this issue. I'm prepared to be underwhelmed.

12:22 AM

For something so "secret" it appears an awful lot of folks new about it: congressmen, judges, adminitrators.

The entire column is bogus, in my opinion. A PR job for a book, and an attempt (successful so far) to derail the renewal of the Patriot Act. NYT up to their old tricks.
I thought conservatives opposed "Big Brother" government. I guess getting judicial approval that is seldom denied is too much to ask. But, foolish me, I thought that conservatives were against budget deficits, pork and nation building, too.
You're not opposed to it? Any other parts of the Constitution (that Bush placed his hand on a Bible and swore to "protect and defend") that you don't care get urinated on as long as it's your favrite party doing the urinating?

You may be too stupid to realize it, but these are your rights too. The ones that they're trampling on.

Just keep telling yourself, "I'm a Good German, I'm a Good German..."

And BTW, anonymous poster #1, it wasn't a column. It was a news story. Backed up with facts. And if the Times had published this story as soon as they had it and they didn't sit on it for a year, they would have been accused of trying to "derail" the election, and not just a vote in the Senate. You guys just don't like bad news any old time do ya? Well you shoud be used to it by now.
I don't care if anyone listens in on overseas calls between known terrorists and persons in the US - in fact, I expect that they would. And if they happen to hear conversations between us and my daughters, I consider that a small price to pay to prevent going to work, or the mall, and being blown up

If you are truly concerned about "Big Brother" govbernment, get worked up about McCain-Feingold.
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