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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Election aftermath: One thing is obvious: Gov. Schwarzenegger doesn't have the pull he used to have. The Governator's reform agenda -- embodied in Propositions 74-77 -- all went down in flames. In fact, every proposition in the state failed.

The one with the closest margin of any issue on the ballot was the parental notification (not consent) initiative for minors seeking abortions. The map of the state shows the large divide between the state's conservative and liberal counties.

San Francisco (unsurprisingly) voted 4-1 against parental notification -- you might think that they have a laissiez faire attitude about everything in the City by the Bay, but you'd be wrong. The residents of the city of San Francisco voted yesterday to ban all handguns and ammunition in the city and in another measure to discourage military recruiters from visiting public schools.

In the wake of the lawlessness that followed Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, San Francisco has decided that when the big one strikes chaos will reign. Confiscating all handguns is foolishness and only ensures increased crime -- from murders to rapes to carjackings and robberies -- as law-abiding people turn in their firearms and criminals, being criminals, do not.

The symbolic stand against military recruiters also guarantees that when five guys from Fresno get sick and tired of the silliness going on in San Francisco, there'll be no one to stop them when they take over the entire city.

I don't know if it would've made enough of a difference to ensure success, but I think that Prop. 77 (redistricting) would've had a better shot at passage if the Republican Party had been unified by sticking to principal (that gerrymandering is bad) rather than succumbing to the desire for short-term political survival. It would've been better for California in the long run for all of the reasons Mickey Kaus outlined.

3:49 AM

is it just me or does it seem like anything that trys to hold someone responsible for thier actions via passing law, gets shot down. Look what happend to Tony Blair on his terror bill.
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