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Friday, November 25, 2005
Editor!: You've got to love this story crying out for an editor.

Bear shot by hunter bites back, dies
Hunter: Two bear bites, one to bone, leave him 'a little sore'

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A black bear bit and clawed a hunter who had just shot it four times in what game authorities said appeared to be a first for the state.

Samuel H. Beauchamp, 47, said he was approaching the downed 320-pound bear in Rothrock State Forest in central Pennsylvania on Monday, the first day of bear-hunting season, when it came after him.

Beauchamp, of nearby Newville, had just shot the bear with a .444-caliber rifle and was within 15 feet of it. He turned to run, but the bear put a claw around his hip and bit him twice, once in each thigh, before dying.

"The bear wasn't attacking 100 percent. I mean really, it was dead on its feet when it came up. If it would have been 100 percent I wouldn't have been standing there," Beauchamp said Friday.

Other hunters heard a growl and came to Beauchamp's aid.

"It was shock at first. It's like he came alive, like 'boom.' I guess he growled, like the other people heard. That motivated me to turn around and start running away," he said.

Game commission bear biologist Mark Ternent said the attack was the first case known to state officials in which a bear had attacked a hunter who had just shot it and was attempting to recover it.

Beauchamp was released from the hospital after about two hours of treatment. One bite went down to the bone.

"I didn't feel any pain after it happened," he said Friday. "I'm a little sore now."

If you just read the headline, the guy is dead.
If you just read the subhead, he's a little sore.
If you read the story, it seems like both are accurate.

Somebody needs to get their story straight.

*UPDATE* Maybe I just needed a good night's sleep. The bear died, not the hunter, but they certainly don't make it clear.

10:50 PM

I'd go with the night's sleep. There are plenty of mangled articles out there (and don't even get me started on the chronic misuse of nouns in place of adjectives in headlines) but this doesn't really appear to be one of them.

As for the noun/adjective headline thing, I dunno. Maybe that's supposed to make Lexus/Nexus searches more rigorous but it butchers the language in the process. Auggggghhh!!
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