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Thursday, October 20, 2005
I'm sure he's pro-choice: Of course, pro-choice is just a euphemism for pro-abortion, so it should come as no surprise that San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford is outraged at the choice an Arkansas couple has made to have 16 children.

Memo to Morford: It's a free country -- I'm not opposed to this sort of thing as long as you can support all of them, and there's no indication that Jim and Michelle Duggar are on welfare or food stamps. It's not a choice I would make, but Morford is hateful and unhinged.

The headline on Morford's bile is "God Does Not Want 16 Kids." Morford, apparently a complete stranger to the Almighty doesn't realize that there are all sorts of things an omnipotent God can do if he doesn't want a couple to have 16 kids. Morford might consider reading any holy book of his choice for any number of possible misfortunes that could befall people who are doing something He doesn't want them doing. [The pillar of salt thing is my personal favorite.]

As for Morford's argument rant, he uses some terms that -- if they were being applied to any other ethnic group besides white Christians -- would be considered hate speech. A few examples:

"...this bizarre Duggar family of 18 spotless white hyperreligious interchangeable people ..."

"...a massive viral outbreak of homophobic neo-Christians..."

"...massive brood of cookie-cutter Christian kidbots..."

"... Duggar's squad of über-white future Wal-Mart shoppers"

"Note to Michelle Duggar: If God wanted you to have a massive pile of children, she'd have given your uterus a hydraulic pump and a revolving door."

The heart of Morford's rant -- apart from the anti-Christian bigotry and juvenile name-calling -- is twofold: First, liberals don't procreate at the same rate as the Duggars leading to more blue states. Second, that having so many kids is irresponsible in our overpopulated world because children are starving in China.

As far as liberals and procreation goes: maybe lefties like Morford would procreate more if they could get around that perpetual hate they seem to seethe with and be happy and make some love, and also reconsider the view that it is braver to abort babies than it is to actually carry them to term.

And as far as the global overpopulation thing goes -- how can anyone with half a brain still believe that Malthusian fearmongering? Seriously. The only reason that people starve in this world today is because of politics (See Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong Il, Joseph Stalin).

If Morford had written a similar article focusing on some poor black woman on welfare who'd just given birth to her fifth kid, each by a different father, then the Chronicle building would be the site of protests and calls for Morford's firing. Who am I kidding, the article I describe wouldn't have gotten past Morford's editor -- it wouldn't have seen the light of day. But Morford can spew his bile at white Christians because, well, they deserve it.

On a related note: Morford's column is Exhibit #3147632479629146 of why I am overqualified to be a columnist at a major American newspaper.

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