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Monday, September 19, 2005
Spring cleaning: I spent most of this weekend cleaning Hoystory's central offices. I know it's the middle of September, but it's still spring cleaning for me. I mentioned that I would spending much of my weekend involved in this endeavor to a woman at work and she exclaimed that I was several months ahead and that was a good thing. I gently corrected her that no, I am in fact several months behind and that's a bad thing. Having noted that, here are a few lighter tidbits from this weekend.

I can verify that the tip for getting candle wax out of carpeting that I witnessed on some Discovery Channel show did indeed work. (Put a dry paper towel beneath an iron. The iron melts the wax and the paper towel absorbs it.)

I have a habit of just setting the myriad credit card offers I receive in the mail in a pile to dispose of later. This weekend was later and I sent an amazing number of them through the shredder. Then I went out to check the mail and I had four new ones.

Does anyone know the best cleaner for getting really thick gunk buildup out of a bathtub? I tried OxyClean, Tilex, and Comet. It's better than it was before, but the elbow grease required is daunting. Maybe I should just use battery acid.

Sports notes:

Tom Craft's days at SDSU are numbered. Just about every year he's been at SDSU, the Aztecs have had the No. 1 or 2-rated recruiting class and yet he continues to turn out sorry teams. Saturday they got schooled by Ohio State, but they did manage to cover the spread. I didn't think they'd manage even that.

One of the media talking points has been that the San Diego Chargers are returning all 22 starters from last season's AFC West champion team. One person they aren't returning is offensive line coach Hudson Houck. Houck got lured away by Miami for more than $1 million a year. Why? Because he's probably the best offensive line coach in the world. It's obvious he's missed because in their first two games, the Chargers line has done a crummy job of protecting quarterback Drew Brees and LaDanian Tomlinson hasn't had a 100-yard rushing game because of a curious absence of holes. While I'm not quite ready to write off the Chargers just yet, they've got some serious problems.

On a brighter note, No. 17 Cal Poly SLO spanked No. 11 Montana State Saturday 38-10. Now they just need to win out to get into the I-AA playoffs.

12:47 AM

Its almost spring in the southern hemisphere...
Try a product called 'Eliminate'


My S.O. swears by it.
I just happened across this opt-out page for stopping credit card offers:
I keep a scotch-brite pad in the bathroom to use on the tub and sink. works wonders.

(the sponge with the green abrasive carpet glued to one side)
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