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Monday, August 15, 2005
Who's this Cafferty character? I've got CNN's "The Situation Room" on and they're running a feature called "The Cafferty File." Jack Cafferty is doing a report on how some sanity may be returning to the TSA with regard to passenger screening.

Cafferty: We may create a run on bows and arrows here, Wolf. We're approaching the 4th anniversary of 9/11 and the government apparently is getting ready to perhaps ease up on some airport safety measures. The Transportation Security Administration will decide later this month if they should lift the ban on passengers carrying razor blades, small knives onto airplanes. If approved, the changes would also allow scissors, ice picks and the aforementioned bows and arrows. It was box cutters, you will recall, that the 9/11 hijackers used to take over those ill-fated aircraft.

A TSA spokesperson told CNN today that she didn't know if box cutters were going to be on the list being considered and perhaps approved, but "box cutters are not what's going to bring down a plane in this day and age, the passengers wouldn't let that happen."

Where do they find these people? They're not getting them in a MENSA meeting are they? The box cutters are what were used by the hi... Anyway, the government out there working hard to protect us.

First, "apparently is getting ready to perhaps"? Somebody get this guy an editor.

Second, the TSA spokeswoman is exactly right, and Cafferty is an idiot. The reason 9/11 "worked" for the terrorists was because airline passengers had been instructed for decades that in case of a hijacking to cooperate. Cooperation was the surest route to survival. 9/11 made that bit of advice deadly wrong.

Is Cafferty actually arguing that if five terrorists -- or a dozen -- got up on a plane and tried to charge (reinforced) cockpit doors with box cutters that passengers wouldn't attack and beat the tar out of the terrorists? Apparently Cafferty is the only MENSA reject who would still be sitting in his seat with his thumb up his rear.

Flight 93 is also definitive proof that the TSA is right and Cafferty is a moron. Once the passengers on that plane knew what their fate was going to be, after hearing of what had happened to the other three planes hijacked that day, they attacked. If the passengers hadn't been trained to acquiesce to a hijacking, it's very doubtful that the terrorists would've ever gained control of the cockpit.

Where do they find idiots like Cafferty?

*Addendum* Cafferty was making a big deal out of the fact that the TSA is considering allowing bows and arrows to be carried on planes. Two questions: Does Cafferty know how big a bow is and how much room that you need to have to draw the bowstring back far enough to make the arrow lethal? Second, has Cafferty actually been on a plane recently? In coach?

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