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Friday, July 08, 2005
Haters: It never takes long for this libel to take flight: "The Jews knew about the London attacks before they happened." John Cole and Jeff Goldstein respond (see Update 16).

Also peddling hatred and stupidity today were Al Franken and The Boston Globe's Tom Oliphant. My favorite bit:

Franken: This is where I am going to disagree with you, because this seems to be your thrust about what happened today. And I think that, and I buy this, and maybe I am naive, that you gotta bat 1,000 and they just got to bat 1. You know, and I don't know what's been stopped and I don't know any way we can know what's been stopped. We don't know. We had Jane Mayer on talking about the abuse at Gitmo, and there's no way to know because they are so secretive, this is the most secretive Adminsitration, we don't know, they say, they've saved American lives from their interrogations there. We don't know that. We don't know if it has cost us in terms of getting information, because it is the wrong way to get information. [emphasis added]

And what exactly is the "right" way to get information from radical Islamic terrorists? Should we send them to dance school and have them convey information on upcoming terrorist plots to us using interpretive dance? Or is Franken going to volunteer to do some Stuart Smalley on them? "Hello, Mr. Terrorist. You're good enough. You're smart enough. And doggone-it, people just love you when you behead civilians."

If they keep this up, the left will never be trusted to defend this country ever again. Gone is even the memory of FDR and Truman.

12:21 AM

Actually Matt, it's a good thing when the left lets its alligator mouth overload its hummingbird asshole. It's a freedom we can't afford to lose and it also makes the left look so utterly clueless.

Oh, the left's logic makes sense to some degree. If you give a bully your lunch money, he'll go away. Problem is, he'll keep coming back for more and more. Then one day he'll tire of your fear, beat you up AND take your lunch money. If you don't fight back, the cycle of abuse persists.

If anyone thinks a U.S. Middle Eastern pullout and a dissolution of Israel will make the terrorists (bullies) leave us alone after that, think again. They'll only get stronger and make more demands against other U.S. interests. Fighting is all they know. Then what, Franken?
Interesting, after reading the “we’ve brought the upon ourselves by doing (fill in blank here)" postings at various websites I’ve been working on a theory. Since I live in the southern United States, I will use the local terrorist organization for a starting point. First, “people committing terrorist actions have legitimate grievances” Well using the KKK as my reference what would the “grievances” consist of, they terrorize and/or kill Africans, Jews, and other “infidels” often using religious connotations in their imagery and speech. They are seeking a homeland for their pure ideology free of “infidels” hordes, wishing to reclaim some long lost glory of their past. (does this sound familiar to anyone). Second, ‘terrorists come from poverty’, well the KKK seems to be lower class with a smattering of higher level “professional types” but I would hardly call them impoverished. Lets face it, if poverty caused terrorism, a large number of blacks in Mississippi would be currently making Jackson look like Fallujah. Third, “we should negotiate rather than just labeling them ‘evil’ and attempting to exterminate them” Hmmm, could someone tell me what exactly would be the jumping off point to start negotiations when the opposing delegation as professed a profound desire to kill you, your family, burn down your house, destroy your governmental instructions and replace them with some ‘romantic’ notion of their pure utopian state? And while your answering that, please tell me what exactly did the African-Americans do to “deserve” terrorist reprisals? The more I think about it, the more I believe that the leftists/liberals/socialists who claim this sort of tripe in justifying and/or trying to explain away actions of EVIL people, are either just stupid, or ignorant to a degree that is and of itself frightening.
Interesting analogy...and you'd be right. Something you'd mentioned touches upon an ancillary to the spread of terrorism...the fact that poverty doesn't seem to be a factor.

The irony in that statement, is that while terrorist factions deplore capitalism (as a component of freedom), it is capitalism that funds them. No bucks, no bang. And to think that anyone would suggest that a deeper understanding of their ideology would dissuade their desire to indiscriminately kill, is akin to looking down the barrel of a shotgun.

The terrorists are hypocrites and they're playing liberals like dueling banjos. The first does, the second echos. The USA may be narcissistic, which in turn fosters ill-will from outsiders, but it beats the hellouta anything else.
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