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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
An old argument: Poor and Stupid's Don Luskin points to an article (which has unfortunately fallen behind a subscription-only wall) that suggests something rather obvious -- that without abortion, there would be more Americans alive to pay Social Security taxes.

Look at the amount of Social Security taxes paid by the average taxpayer in 2004...and then multiply that number by 14,330,000 (the number of abortions performed between 1973 and 1983, according to Planned Parenthood's Alan Guttmacher Institute) and imagine, just for a moment, those dollars were placed in the Social Security trust fund.

More than a decade ago, I made a similar argument in my college speech class, but on a broader basis. Needless to say, that my more liberal classmates were not convinced -- mainly because they refused to even consider such an argument. Every argument they'd ever heard opposing abortion was a religious or religiously-based one -- an economic argument against abortion was practically unheard of and frantically rejected out of hand.

That the Social Security crisis would be diminished (not solved, but diminished) with more taxpayers is obvious. Social Security is structured like a Ponzi scheme and 14 million more suckers would keep it going several decades longer.

Something needs to be done now about Social Security, but it's an anathema to Democrats and it appears as though too many Republicans have lost their stomach for the battle. People my age and younger are the ones that will be made to suffer.

2:56 AM

Yeah, that's a brilliant concept. What this country needs is 1.5 million new unwanted babies each year, born into mostly poor families that are largely unable to care for them. Nothing better than creating parents who don't want be only for the purpose of shoring up social security.
It's a real simple equation.
Know sex, know babies
no sex, no babies.
The only 100% reliable form of birth control is abstaining from coitus.

Abortion is not needed to avoid being a parent, discipline is needed. If you don't want kids, there are all kinds of ways to get orgasms without coitus. (I am a living, modern day example of someone who waited until marriage to have coitus and that doesn't mean that I didn't have fun with my girlfriend) So if you are willing to engage in coitus, understand the consequences.

As far as shoring up Social Security goes, the overall point is completely valid. A workforce that is born here and works here for its life is going to continue to provide for its elders. As birthrates decline, there is no one to take care of the previous generations.
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