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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Dems and religion: Yesterday's "Best of the Web Today" over at OpinionJournal.com had an item called "Give Me That Old Time Derision."

Liberal Democrats are opposed to religion in politics, except when they're for it. "We need to kick the money changers out of the temple and restore moral values to America," Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean told a group of Democrats in Naples, Fla., "drawing roars from the crowd," according to the St. Petersburg Times, which doesn't say if they were roars of enthusiasm or of laughter.

Jesse Jackson writes a tiresome column every week for the Chicago Sun-Times, and this week he carps about the unfairness of confirming judges by minority vote:

Senate Democrats have confirmed too many of Bush's activist nominees--they've held up only 10 of the most extreme while confirming more than 200. But even this restraint has led the radical right to call it an ''attack on faith.'' Their arrogance violates the spirit of our Constitution, and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

How come when conservatives talk about "moral values" and "the teachings of Jesus Christ," it's a sign of incipient theocracy, but no one, including conservatives, seems to mind when leftos like Dean and Jackson do? Probably for the same reason no one cares when Democrats question Republicans' patriotism--because, as we wrote last year, "it has some mild shock value but carries no real sting, like a child trying out a naughty word he's just learned."

No one, least of all liberals themselves, thinks liberals are serious about either patriotism or religion. That's why a liberal--even a liberal "reverend"--can thump the Bible till he's blue in the face and the response is either indifference or mockery.

James Taranto makes a point that I've made before -- that the anti-religious branch (base?) of the Democrat Party doesn't mind Democrats talking about religion in public because there is the perception that they're not really serious about it.

Why is there that belief? Because you've got "devout" Catholics like Sen. John F. Kerry who claim that his religious beliefs inform every part of his politics -- except those that are in conflict with the Democrat Party platform (read: abortion). You've got the chairman of the Democrat Party saying that he's going to talk about his faith -- and the Christmas Day message he posts on his campaign Web site contains not one of the following words: "Christmas," "Jesus," "Christ," "Savior."

Physician heal thyself.

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