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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Infuriating: I just got finished reading John Fund's book "Stealing Elections" -- if reading it doesn't cause your blood pressure to go through the roof, then call the coroner, because you're dead.

At just over 150 pages, Fund's book goes very fast -- and that's a good thing. Over the course of the book Fund recounts questionable election (that's describing it charitably) after questionable election, starting with the 2000 Florida debacle.

For several years, I've been of the opinion that more people went to to the polls in Florida in 2000 intending to vote for Al Gore and that it was just the carelessness and stupidity of Democrat voters that were responsible for Gore's loss. After reading Fund's book, I changed my mind. Fund builds a strong case that had the Flordia election been run competently -- without mistaken announcements that all the polls were closed from the major media, premature calls of a Gore victory and probable hanky-panky on the part of election workers in certain places -- that Bush would've won by an even larger margin.

The bulk of the book recounts lesser-known, but equally troubling incidents of both systematic voter fraud and willful disregard for voting laws across the nation -- by both parties (though most of the incidents involve Democrats).

If we want to have fair and honest elections, we've got some decisions to make. I frame the issue as a that way, because it appears to be the position of a majority of the Democratic Party that more votes is always better, regardless of whether or not they were legally cast.

Fund quotes Democrat after Democrat repeating their "cast every vote" mantra and warning of voter intimidation -- real and imagined.

Compared to the brave Iraqis who braved suicide bombings and death threats last month to vote in that nation's first free election, the voters Democrats are most concerned about are cowards -- afraid of their own shadows.

Voters in the United States are "intimidated" if a poll worker asks for a picture ID. They're "intimidated" if someone looks at them askance.

We should demand more of our election system and our elected officials. Simple things can be done to drastically decrease voter fraud, like simply asking for identification.

We deserve better.

3:57 AM

Keep your eye on Wisconsin.

There might be an * next to it in the history book of the 2004 election.

Massive voter fraud in Milwaukee and Racine, the Feds, State and local are checking it out.

W probably won it.

I think 1 blog is The American Mind which covers this.

Sandy P
I like to see voter registration for federal elections made uniform by an act of congress.

Then I'd like to see a law passed that fradulent election activies will result in a term of no less than five years, a fine of not less than 10,000, and a public wiping at high noon on the day prior to election day in Washington on the Capitol steps.
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