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Monday, January 03, 2005
Freedom of speech: The right to speak your mind only applies to liberals. That may sound like some sort of stupid joke, but the American left all too often behaves as it is true. When you criticize some sophmoric Hollywood star who has taken it upon themselves to be the font of all that is right and good in the world, you're violating their right to free speech. Criticism is the same as oppression.

In Grass Valley, Calif., The Union is the community's daily paper. It has a publisher named Jeff Ackerman. Ackerman writes a column. Ackerman is conservative.

A few readers are unhappy.

Now, liberals angered by what they call Ackerman's harsh tone and conservative bias are working to get him fired by organizing a boycott of the paper. They say Ackerman, in his weekly column and in editorials, encourages a public dialogue that further divides a community.

"He calls people names, he belittles people, he uses sarcastic language, he oversimplifies all the issues," said Eric Engles, the group's unofficial leader. "Even some people who agree with his political positions don't like his style. We want it to be a better paper."

Engles and others - whom he wouldn't name, citing his partners' fear of retaliation by Ackerman - call their group Nevada County Citizens for Responsible Journalism, a play on the name of a local group that funds conservative candidates and causes, Nevada County Citizens for Responsible Government.

On Dec. 1, Engles' group unveiled its Web site, nccrj.org. Since then, Engles said, he's heard from about a dozen people who said they would be canceling their subscriptions.

See, when conservatives give their opinions, they're further dividing the community. America would be much more unified if those pesky conservatives would just shut up.

Ah Democrats, the party of tolerance.

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