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Thursday, November 04, 2004
Reduce the GOP Senate majority: Barring any unexpected, last-minute developments, the GOP will have a 55-44-1 majority in Congress' upper chamber. After President Bush and Vice President Cheney helped Pennsylvania's senior Senator Arlen Specter fend off a strong primary challenge from conservative Pat Toomey, Specter has decided to bite the hand that feeds him.

Specter, as presumptive chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, suggested that he would block any Bush nominee to the Supreme Court who opposed abortion rights. Reiterating his position that a woman's right to choose is "inviolate," he said overturning Roe v. Wade today would be akin to trying to reverse Brown v. Board of Education, the court's 1954 landmark desegregation decision.

Barring unforeseen GOP objections, Specter, 74, should assume the committee chairmanship in January. He also sent an unsubtle message to the White House that he expects nominees for the federal bench to be of the highest caliber, and took a critical swipe at the stature of the current court. [emphasis added]

Well, I think that the GOP should object. Specter can switch parties if he pleases -- we don't need him. Republicans can't accept a Pat Leahy-type obstructionist on the judiciary committee.

GOP chairman Bill Frist can be contacted at (202) 224-3344 or bill.frist@frist.senate.gov. Let him know how you feel about Sen. Specter.

1:02 PM

well, as a moderate Republican, I personaly feel that I could vote for someone who allows abortion, but... I also feel that restrictions are in order. No partial birth abortions and that a women should, by law, have to make up her mind by the second trimester (sp?). Children have to tell their parents and possibly a few other restrictions that I'm not aware of. Any more than that and we might loose some of our base.
Thanks for this. However, that email is not working, I have Senator_frist@frist.senate.gov
I am part of that base you say you don't want to lose.

I campaigned for Bush, and voted for him. For two reasons Iraq and abortion. Abortion trumps it all, and my desire for a smaller government with lower taxes is a distant third.

If the Reps don't put in strict constructionist judges, if they don't do all they can to stop the horror of abortion (aka murder of the unborn) tnen next election I will know what I suspect already - they are not to be trusted - and my vote goes to a third party.

"Anonymous's" comments about abortion demonstrate he does not understand the problem with abortion. The problem is that life begins at conception and human life is sacrosanct.
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