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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
That liberal media: Well, it's taken less than 45 minutes and already President Bush has lost the election. A "news analysis" by the Associated Press' Ron Fournier quotes three "average joes" and surprise all of them are going to vote for Sen. John Kerry.

Allan Ramsey, 67, an uncommitted voter from Hedgesville, W. Va., said he was more likely after the debate to vote for Kerry, though he was unimpressed with the show.

"I'm just glad this was the last one," Ramsey said. "I'm
tired of the same old squabbling."


"I think I'm leaning toward Kerry now because he says he's a Catholic and doesn't believe in all of the church's beliefs, like me," said Marcia Vinick, an uncommitted voter from Scotia, N.Y., and a Catholic.

She favored Bush before the series of three debates began.

So did John Barker, 73, of Tampa, Fla., who voted for Bush in 2000 and finally decided Wednesday night to back Kerry.

"I've become more and more disturbed about Bush," he said. "I'm going to vote for Kerry. This debate cemented that. I just don't think with everything we're facing, we can have another four years. I'm talking about the economy. I'm talking about Iraq. Bush just didn't give me a good reason for the way things are."

"He gave me plenty of reasons to vote against Kerry," Barker said. "But why should I vote for him again?"

[As soon as I can find the story via Google News, I'll post a link. I caught this one on the AP wire.]

It looks like the mainstream media is once again going to be stunned come election night. How could Bush win, if everyone they know voted for Kerry?

*UPDATE* Link here. The story structure changed in a follow-up of the story, so the quotes are in a different order, but they're all in there.

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