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Thursday, September 23, 2004
What he should've done: National Review's Jim Geraghty has lots of good stuff over at the "Kerry Spot." First, Geraghty points out what Kerry should've had on his schedule today if he'd been running a half-way competent campaign.

Kerry just made two moves that I think are tremendously boneheaded mistakes. The left and the right agree that Iraq is Issue One, that you cannot be elected president unless the American people think you handle this difficult and important mission over there. Kerry came out as the anti-war candidate this week, and I thought that was a much stronger position than his "well, I support the troops, but not the mission, sort of, but, you see, this, but that", etc.

But if you want to be the next president, and the Prime Minister of Iraq comes to Washington to address a joint session of Congress, where should you be?

In the U.S. Capitol chamber!

Not in a Columbus, Ohio firehouse!

Senator, if you win, you're going to have to work with this guy - or his successor. Kerry should have tried to get a meeting with Allawi himself, to try to make the challenger look like Bush's equal (when foreign leaders come to the U.S., they often meet with leaders of both parties on Capitol Hill. It's just common courtesy and protocol).

Major mistake number two: Even if you can't be there, you don't take a jab at Allawi.

There's more to this post and a lot more on the campaign. I'm impressed at the amount of information Geraghty has been churning out day after day as election day approaches.

1:40 PM

I've figured out the problem for Kerry.

Almost everything he says and does is going to be bad...

You see, most people are in one of 2 groups, the "we support Bush" crowd, and the "Anybody but Bush" crowd.

Everytime Kerry says something, the more he becomes someone, and the less he is the "Anybody" everyone wants to vote for.

The democratic strategists must have figured this out long ago, but somehow they came to the smorgasbord conclusion. If they candidate has _everything_ on the menu, everyone will be pleased to pick and choose what they want.
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