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Monday, September 20, 2004
Still trying: White House spokesman Scott McClellan is answering reporters questions with regard to the forged memos story and I was struck by an exchange with one unidentifiable reporter (the camera has a shot of McClellan and not the reporters asking the questions).

Reporter: Scott, do you believe that the Kerry campaign had anything to do with releasing these documents? You had stated that before, but the president said he didn't know.

McClellan: Well, actually what I said, in terms of the questions here, those are questions that need to be answered. In terms of who is responsible for being the source of these documents, the original source of these documents. The one thing that is not in question is the timing of these recent attacks on the president. It is clear that there has been an orchestrated effort by Democrats and the Kerry campaign to try to tear down the president and use old, recycled attacks. And that's what this is, it's just an old, recycled attack. In terms of the actual source of the documents, CBS has said that that may be something they may address later. That they're looking into this matter, they've got an independent committee that's going to look into this. But Bill Burkett, the source of who gave them these documents, was previously claimed to be an unimpeachable source by CBS. And in fact he is not an unimpeachable source. He is someone who has been discredited in the past for telling things that simply were not true. And someone who has had a lot of contacts and involvement with Democrats.

Same Reporter: But Scott, you don't dispute, actually, the contents of the documents themselves? The fact that when Lt. Bush was suspended from the Texas Air National Guard on August of 1972 that did occur and it connected to missing flight training.

McClellan: Actually all those questions have been asked and answered in the previous campaign and in this campaign. It's been documented that the president fulfilled his obligations and that's why he was dis... It's been documented that the president fulfilled his obligations and that's why he was honorably discharged.

Same Reporter: So, it's not the contents of the documents that you're taking issue with, you're just saying the source of the documents has been discredited...

McClellan: No, all these questions, I disagree with that. These questions have been asked and answered each and every campaign that the president has run. The president fulfilled his obligations, it's been documented, and that's why he was honorably discharged from the National Guard. And he's proud of his service in the Guard.

Now, I can't say that this anonymous reporter works for CBS, but whoever it is should have their head examined.

The documents are forgeries. Can the Washington press corps get it through their thick skulls? This "fake, but accurate" line of questioning is really lame.

The mainstream media's credibility continues to go down the tubes amid demonstrations of increasingly anti-Bush bias.

12:21 PM

This notion of "fake but accurate" is the "depends on what your definition of 'is' is" of our time.
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