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Sunday, September 19, 2004
CBS Forged memos update: The Weekly Standard's Jonathan Last has an excellent piece on the tick-tock of the disintegration of CBS's forgeries.

The Washington Post also has some great reporting. First, is this graphic comparing the CBS forgeries to known/valid National Guard documents. The Post's CBS team also has this article on Dan Rather's "rush to judgment" that describes what occurred in the run up to the airing of the "60 Minutes" piece.

The most disturbing part of the Post's piece is at the very end, and just shows you how completely, certifiably nuts the "journalists" at CBS News have become.

As they continue their investigation into whether they were hoaxed, CBS officials have begun shifting their public focus from the memos themselves to their underlying allegations about the president. Rather said that if the memos were indeed faked, "I'd like to break that story." But whatever the verdict on the memos, he said, critics "can't deny the story."

As the days begin to blur for Josh Howard, he embraces the same logic: "So much of this debate has focused on the documents, and no one has really challenged the story. It's been frustrating to us to see all this reduced to a debate over little 'th's."

The documents are the story. Without the documents you have no story. Without the documents, this story doesn't go on the air. There are only two groups of people "demanding" that President Bush answer the charges raised by the fake documents are you guys and the DNC. Can it be that you guys still don't get how rabidly partisan you look?

Dan Rather arrived in Dallas yesterday and was greeted by a reporter from a Fox affiliate.

REPORTER: Do you feel like you were duped at all?

RATHER: I'm very glad to see you. Do you feel like you were duped at all by the way, working at Fox as you do? You feel that way?

Dan, last I checked Fox hadn't passed off forged documents in an attempt to bash the president and then refused -- against all evidence -- to concede that they were wrong. Liberals like to bash Fox News Channel, but they've got far more credibility by any objective analysis than CBS News does.

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