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Monday, August 30, 2004
Who the media is rooting for: Patterico points to some analysis made by San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders -- one of the minority conservatives in the media -- on the voting tendencies of journalists.

KURTZ: I mention MoveOn, because there are a lot of liberal groups, as you know, Debra Saunders, these 527s -- have there been a double standard in the media in not trying to make Kerry denounce the liberal ads, while reporters ask the president every day, why won't you disassociate yourself from the swift boat ads?

SAUNDERS: I've never seen a voter say to John Kerry, but couldn't you just denounce the ad? Or they say that Bush is whatever. They don't ask him that question. But how many reporters would look at Bush and say, can't you just denounce this one ad? I think that we get used in this. And I think the other thing that I find so...

KURTZ: You're suggesting a double standard?

SAUNDERS: I am suggesting a double standard.

KURTZ: Why do you think that is?

SAUNDERS: I think that most journalists support John Kerry.

KURTZ: You really think that that's the reason?

SAUNDERS: Yes, I do. I work for "The San Francisco Chronicle."

I'll add my voice to that. I think most journalists support John Kerry and I work for the San Diego Union-Tribune. Yes, the U-T is editorially moderate-conservative, but the newsroom is much like any other: liberal.

Just two days ago I was handed a flyer for an anti-war rally Sunday in Balboa Park. I'd just worked six days in a row, so I wasn't going to go to the freak show -- after all, I've heard it all before -- but this was being passed out in the newsroom. I'm sure that this individual had no idea that he was handing the flyer to one of the few people in the newsroom who is politically conservative.

There is also an editor in the newsroom who confessed to me that she was working to register Democrats to vote because just voting against President Bush in this election is "not enough."

Is the media objective and unbiased? Hardly.

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