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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
The danger of using the French moral compass: If France's profiteering from the corrupt Iraq oil-for-food program at the expense of the Iraqi people wasn't enough to convince one that France doesn't hold the moral high ground, then this should. (Hat tip: Common Sense & Wonder)

Just a few weeks ago a 14-year-old boy wearing a yarmulka came out of the Ourq subway station in Paris and was attacked by two Muslims. While yelling at him "dirty Jew," they knocked him down, beat him on the head and broke his nose. The boy begged for help from the French passers-by — fellow citizens — but they simply walked away, did nothing.

At the University Medical School of Saint-Antoine in Paris, four young Muslim men entered a lecture hall yelling "Death to the Jews." They confronted a Jewish student and beat him to a pulp and, like vultures, picked his valuables and robbed him. The lecturing professor said nothing while watching the attack and the entire class of French students remained silent while the thugs simply departed without a care. This, too, happened within the last few months.

The purpose of relating these stories is not to expose French anti-Semitism and the predatory mindset of French Muslims against Jews. It is to show how the French have become indifferent in their own society to brutality and unwilling to stop it. No wonder, then, the French will neither support nor sacrifice to fight Islamic terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan when in even their own county, with incidents only feet away, they lack the moral courage to stop brutality. Yet many Americans exhort us first to obtain permission from the French if a War against Terrorism is to be deemed legitimate.

Exactly. The French are concerned about only two things: enriching themselves no matter what the cost; and sticking the proverbial thumb in America's eye. Sen. John Kerry's continued insistence that he would somehow get the French to join the U.S. in the war on terror, and that it's worth getting the French onboard, are both highly dubious at best.

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