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Friday, June 04, 2004
New twist in L.A. County cross case: The L.A. Daily News is reporting that the cowardly 3-2 vote to cave in to the ACLU on the county seal is causing a massive backlash.

We alone have received more than 600 e-mails and 200 phone calls in the last 24 hours," said John Musella, spokesman for Board of Supervisors Chairman Don Knabe, who opposed the ACLU agreement.

"Every single one of them supported keeping the cross on the seal, except one. This is the largest amount of outrage to a county issue we've ever seen."

"We have received upwards of 3,000 e-mails and phone calls, all 100 percent in favor of fighting the ACLU to retain the cross on the seal," said Tony Bell, spokesman for Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, who also opposed the ACLU agreement.

This can still be reversed because Tuesday's vote was simply to direct county staff to come up with an agreement with the ACLU. They can always reject it next week and fight.

A couple of other interesting things are contained within the article. At least one person is considering taking my advice on a second lawsuit against L.A. County.

Dennis Mifflin, a social science teacher at Valencia High School in Santa Clarita, said he is considering suing the county for having a pagan goddess on the seal.

"If the cross has to go, the goddess has to go," Mifflin said.

It also appears as though the county may have to lose the seal altogether -- and not simply erase the cross -- if it caves to the ACLU.

Costa Mesa attorney Kenneth Kleinberg, an ACLU member and atheist who represents the family of Millard Sheets, a pre-eminent California artist who drew the seal, said county officials have not located the licensing agreement to determine whether altering the seal would violate Sheets' intellectual property rights.

"How dare anyone considering tampering with his art," Kleinberg said. "And to challenge the artist's intent without consulting the artist, his family or any art expert, I think, is folly on the part of the ACLU."

The county has licensed the seal -- the artist still holds the copyright. Ha!

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