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Saturday, June 26, 2004
Imagine: I saw the latest Bush/Cheney '04 Web ad when it came out a couple of days ago and thought to myself that some of the loony left's insane rantings were finally coming back to haunt them. Finally they'd be held accountable and perhaps this would prompt them to start talking about issues.

Then I saw this post by his Instapunditness referring to this post Josh Chafetz over at Oxblog. It seems that in respose to this ad, which notes that those on the left have compared Bush to Hitler, the Democrats complain that they've been compared to Nazis.

Yesterday, the Bush-Cheney campaign, losing any last sense of decency, placed a disgusting ad called "The Faces of John Kerry's Democratic Party" as the main feature on its website. Bizarrely, and without explanation, the ad places Adolf Hitler among those faces.


Again, the Bush ad points out that the loony left Dems had compared Bush to Hitler.

This got me trying to figure out the back and forth of this argument in my head:

Bush campaign: Hey, look at the Democrats. They're calling me nasty things that are beyond the pale. They're comparing me to Hitler!

Kerry campaign: What are you doing associating us with Hitler? Bush is calling us Nazis! Give us money.

Bush campaign: We're not calling you Nazis -- we're pointing out that you likened us to Nazis. How can pointing that out be calling you guys Nazis?

Kerry campaign: You've got a Web ad that's got an image of Hitler in it, right?

Bush campaign: Yes, it's one that one of your allies ...

Kerry campaign: Never mind that. Just answer yes or no. And in that same ad, you've got an image of John Kerry.

Bush campaign: Yes, it's Kerry making an outrageous ...

Kerry campaign: Yes. Good. So Hitler's in the ad. Kerry's in the ad. You've associated us with Nazis.

Bush campaign: That makes no sense, we're merely highlighting what you're saying about us.

Kerry campaign: That's your problem. You're trying to paint President Bush as a victim of nasty slurs accurate characterizations.

Bush campaign: He is a victim. You ...

Kerry campaign: No, he isn't.

Bush campaign: Yes, he is. You ...

Kerry campaign: Is Bush a Republican?

Bush campaign: Of course, why do you ask questions you already know the answers to?

Kerry campaign: Well, Republicans can't be victims.

Bush campaign: Yes, we can.

Kerry campaign: No, you can't. The Democrats are the party of victims. We've got victims of slavery. Victims of homophobia. Victims of gun violence. We get all of the victims.

Bush campaign: Yes, but we can be victims of you.

Kerry campaign: Nope. You're the oppressors. We're the victims. You're the oppressors. We're the good guys. You're the bad guys. Oppressors can't be victims. Bad guys can't be victims.

Bush campaign: This is mad. I'm not going to argue with you anymore.

Kerry campaign: You're wrong again. It isn't mad. It's sane. You're forcing your paradigm on us. You're oppressing us.

Bush campaign: You're a loony.

Walks away...

I'm going to stop thinking about this now, before my brain explodes.

11:17 PM

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