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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Not enough single men?: Or not enough of the right (and by that I mean correct, not politically right) single men? The always interesting Robert Musil has some analysis on the situation today, capped by the following anecdote.

Recently, over dinner, a slender, beautiful, young, intelligent. educated, securities sales woman employed by one of the big New York investment banks shared with me her concerns following the break-up of her long-term relationship with a wealthy young Southern California male. After reviewing with her the various criteria she had established for a future replacement main squeeze, we together did some quick probabilistic calculations of the type those in or close to the securities business are prone to perform during their more intimate moments. The calculations took into account, for example, the fact that there was absolutely no chance that she would be interested in even the best looking, most congenial fireman one could imagine. Nor was she interested in "poaching" on the already-married or near-equivalent. Gay was no-go, of course. Etc. After some fast work on a note pad and calculator thoughtfully provided by the restaurant (whose napkins were of the expensive damask variety not suitable for scribbling except for the most aggressive) we determined that there are, perhaps, eight men now located in the United States who would make suitable mates.

My charming dinner companion passed on dessert. [emphasis in original]

I'm sure I don't qualify as one of the eight men in question. If you believe you may be one of them, drop Musil a line and maybe he can hook you up.

I can't say that I'm not surprised by Musil's anecdote, though. I see it all the time (not necessarily all from personal experience, thank you very much).

I was at my church group a couple of months back and a couple of very attractive ladies were grilling a friend of mine named Dave. They were asking him why he didn't have a girlfriend. He had no real answer, and, being the wonderful guy I am, offered to explain it to the ladies. I said that it was obvious why he didn't have a girlfriend, look at him. They both started to protest. I told them to wait a second, Dave's a great guy. He's funny, caring, charming, good-looking. The reason why he doesn't have a girlfriend? Because you women are nuts.

Maybe that really doesn't explain why Dave doesn't have a girlfriend. But I've got a good feeling that it explains why I don't have one.

5:13 PM

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