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Monday, May 17, 2004
Iraq's WMDs: We haven't found Saddam's stockpiles of chemical weapons, but we have found at least two chemical weapons in Iraq.

At the very least, this should put the lie to the idea that Saddam Hussein was telling the truth when he said Iraq had destroyed all of its WMDs.

However, liberal opponents of the war (those who think George W. Bush is infinitely worse than Saddam Hussein) are undeterred by the latest news.

Exhibit A: Hans "See no evil" Blix.

FORMER chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix said that a shell containing sarin nerve gas used in an attack in Iraq was most likely a stray weapon possibly from the first Gulf War.

Blix said today that the discovery of the nerve agent was not a sign that Saddam Hussein's regime possessed weapons of mass destruction before the war last year.

Try to bend your mind around that idea. The fact that insurgents/terrorists used, perhaps unknowingly, a sarin-filled artillery shell as a weapon against U.S. troops is not evidence that Saddam possessed WMDs. Apparently the shell was imported from France. Did Saddam actually have to have the artillery shell in his back pocket as he sat in his spider hole before Blix would acknowledge that Saddam "possessed" WMDs? I can just see the latest episode of "Cops."

Saddam: "Uh, officer that's not my artillery shell."

Officer: "Not yours?"

Saddam: "No. was walking down the street and this guy asked me to hold it for him."

Officer: "What did the guy look like?"

Saddam: "Uh, well, I didn't really get a good look at him."

Officer: "Was he tall? Short?"

Saddam: "He was tall...but kinda short. And he was fat, but skinny. Oh, and he had a beard."

Officer: "Do you usually accept artillery shells when someone hands you one?"

Saddam: "...yeah...well...I didn't want him to just drop it on the ground..."

Critics are now latching on to the possibility that the artillery shell was manufactured prior to the first Gulf War. That may be true, but the fact remains that Saddam was supposed to have destroyed all of them.

Obviously he didn't. And that's the point.

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