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Monday, April 05, 2004
More Kos: Still unapoligetic, on Saturday the evil, left-wing hatemonger "Kos" announced that he had achieved victim status.

The best response to Kos' disgusting diatribe can be found here.

The thing known as “The Daily Kos” continues his limp attempts at revisionism. Today he poses as the victim in his latest attempt to obscure the fact he revealed his soul to be a very ugly place last week.

His latest report on the state of his existence is even weaker than his vapid pseudo-apology of yesterday. But not so weak that I can resist an idle afternoon's fisking of his "status report:"

>So I said something pretty stupid last week.
No. You said many stupid things last week. You said one very evil thing.

We are talking about your evil statement, which you've since hidden in shame. If we were talking about your stupid statements... well, we just don't have that many terabytes available.

Go read the whole thing.

All four of the Democrat political candidates who had been advertising on Kos' Internet hatesite prior to his evil statements regarding the American contractors who were killed and mutilated have pulled their ads. But, true to his word, at least one new advertiser has stepped forward. Jeff Seemann, who is running for a House seat in Ohio had this to say on his site:

Our campaign has decided that because of the recent events we will step in and advertise on www.dailykos.com. We have made this decision for two reasons:

1) We firmly believe in the First Amendment and everyone's right to say whatever he or she chooses on their own website.

2) We refuse to allow our campaign to be bullied by the right wing like they bullied Kos' previous advertisers.

We entered this campaign for Congress based on courage and the desire to stand up to the Republicans who are destroying our country with huge deficits, unjustified wars, and a blatant disregard for Americans and the challenges they face in their daily lives.

We understand that the decision to launch this advertising campaign will attract attention, both positive and negative. We will make no statement regarding the actual content of Kos' controversial statement, but we will always stand up for his right to dissent. Furthermore, we are campaigning to return this country to a Democratic majority in Congress and we will not allow our message to be written or altered by our opposition. [emphasis added]

The seat Seemann is running for is currently held by loony Democrat presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich, buoyed by the success of his presidential bid, is running for re-election to his seat.

Seemann's opponent on the GOP side is Ed Herman, and Herman should make Seemann's willingness to associate with an anti-American hater linke Kos a campaign issue.

Pressuring Seemann would be useless -- because he has absolutely no chance of winning. His politics are not that different from Kucinich's. Advertising with Kos has no downside for Seemann.

Kos is a disgusting anti-American. Seemann's desire to associate himself with DailyKos because of Kos' hateful comments puts him in the same category.

*UPDATE* As a few commentors have noted, I somehow (still can't figure out how) put the excreble Seemann in the wrong district. He is running for a seat in the 16th Ohio Congressional District and his opponent is Ralph Regula. Hopefully Regula will beat Seemann over the head with this blood money.

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