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Sunday, March 28, 2004
Christians in the newsroom: LAObserved has extended the story regarding the bogus brouhaha when it was revealed that former USA Today reporter/fabricator Jack Kelley was *gasp* a Christian.

One target of the not-so-tolerant left's shotgun-style attack was Los Angeles Times reporter Roy Rivenburg, who had the bad luck to be identified as a World Journalism Institute lecturer and be easily googled.

In an e-mail response to LAObserved, Rivenburg, a Catholic, explains how he became involved with teaching for the WJI and reveals that they allow him to teach even though he doesn't agree with much of their philosophy.

But the real story here is the vitiriolic hatred aimed at Rivenburg specifically, and all Christian journalists in general, in the comments section.

A sampling:

Teaching journalists to do a good job is generally a good thing. However, if you're good at teaching journalism, you should do it someplace else. Doing it for the WJI means that you're giving skills to students who want to go out and lie to their readers. Go teach someplace where the students aren't self-selected for bullshit.
--"Captain Nemo"

I will say one more time that I think any discussion of the validity of the religion in question is irrelevant to this discussion. The question is, as I understand it, is it unethical for a school to teach journalism with a particular religious emphasis?

On the contrary. The despicable nature of religion in general is the core of the problem here. If someone were running a school to teach scientific attitudes to journalists, that'd be great. The difference is that science encourages skeptical thinking, and religion suppresses it. People whose minds are in chains are not qualified to be reporters.
-- "Captain Nemo"

if you reject evolution, then you are ipso facto un-qualified to be a journalist at a mainstream newspaper. in rejecting evolution, you reject all modern science. if your "journalism school" espouses expressly anti-modernist pro-Theocratic tenets as its worldview, please remain unsurprised when non-millenialists and modernists (e.g. people who recognize that the earth is, like, round, and stuff) are freaked out.
-- Robert Green

Liberals are all for diversity -- in newsrooms, at colleges -- but, once again, it's only skin deep.

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