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Friday, January 23, 2004
The Democrat Debate: Random thoughts, as they occur (on the tape I'm watching) in Thursday night's debate.

Sen. John Kerry claims that only people who make more than $200,000 got a tax cut from the Bush tax cuts. Not only is it false, but it's unbelievable that he'd try to peddle that line.

Gov. Howard Dean still doesn't get the whole federalism thing. Bush isn't responsible for the tax rates at the state level. Colorado, for example, never had a budget crisis -- so at least the residents of that state definitely did get a tax cut, even by Dean's faulty logic.

Sen. Joe Lieberman says he doesn't flip-flop -- can you say school vouchers?

Gen. Wesley Clark "looked at both parties when I got out of the military." Is he seriously trying to peddle the idea that he had no political beliefs while he served in the military on any issues of the day? That he was some tabla rasa? He's a "Democrat of conviction" -- and the joke -- and a few felonies. Everyone's welcome in the Democrat Party? How about pro-lifers? Maybe Clark will let them in the party, but he won't nominate any of them to the bench.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich wants the U.N. to handle Iraq's oil assets -- first let's see how they handled the oil-for-food program. Shouldn't the books be open? When we do it, they are. When the U.N. does it...the "U.S. should reject any privatization of the Iraq economy." What? Are you suggesting communism? Boy are you nuts.

Sen. John Edwards says Iraq isn't "international" -- 34 nations have troops on the ground. These people are killing the language. Kill the language some more -- the vote for $87 million for the troops and to rebuild infrastructure was not a "blank check." A blank check has no amount written in and/or no payee. This "check" was for $87 million. The Iraq aid part of it contained specific purchases/projects. Someone get Edwards a dictionary.

Al Sharpton on foreign policy: If we're nice to everyone, they'll be nice to us and their own people. Naive.

Kerry says President Bush is "irresponsible" in how he uses the military. Kerry says we "temporarily" need two more Army divisions. Doesn't say how he's going to create incentives to get people to join up.

Lieberman's promising free health insurance for "the poor" -- doesn't say how he's going to pay for it.

Kucinich wants to throw out "No Child Left Behind" and emphasize a new educational system that emphasizes "art, music ... to invite the participation of educational philosophers and psychologists..." So, if the kid can draw good, great. Can't make change? Who cares. Can't spell? No big deal. Wacky.

Dean: "My words aren't always precise, but my meaning is very, very clear." Yeah, Republicans get the same sort of benefit of the doubt.

Clark never "guaranteed" that another 9/11 wouldn't happen under his watch. Yeah, he never used that word, but if someone tells me that my microwave oven will never break because they made it and they made it well-- it sounds like a guarantee to me, even if they don't use the word.

Peter Jennings question to Edwards suggests that we need to somehow kowtow to Islam -- including radical Islam. Edwards is nuts. He has seen the "despair" that Arab people feel in their daily lives and how that contributes to how they feel about Americans. Bull. It's the Wahabbi Islam and Arab government propoganda that redirects their resentment from where it belongs (their own governments) to where it doesn't (the U.S.). "Root causes?" Anyone who uses the term "root causes" should be immediately disqualified from running for elective office.

Sharpton doesn't know what the Federal Reserve Board does. IMF? You weren't asked about the IMF. Back on topic -- nope, still doesn't know what the Fed does. That's sad.

Kerry's says Bush has cut the Veterans Adminstration budget. Lie. (Check page 79.) It's increased each and every year.

Question for Kucinich -- when will we have a balanced budget? Kucinich then outlines his programs -- socialized medicine, free universal kindergarten, free college education -- and then says when we get out of the deficit depends on how big a "rut" Bush gets us into.

Clark is gutless. Michael Moore accuses Bush of being a deserter in front of Gen. Clark and Clark says that Moore can say whatever he likes. Which is true, but it's also irresponsible. Good question, Peter.

Edwards doesn't understand what the Defense of Marriage Act was all about. Edwards legal opinion appears to be that the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution does not apply to gay marriage or civil unions -- interesting.

Hey! Kerry's a veteran! Who knew?

Bell isn't having an effect any more. They keep going and going and going.

Is Clark actually suggesting that the Patriot Act allows police to get wiretaps without judical permission? The Patriot Act allowed roving wiretaps -- that is tapping any phone the person may use as opposed to only their home telephones. These guys are giving the Patriot Act a bad name through false information.

Ugh...getting boring. Nothing new. Same ol', same ol'.

Kerry: MTBE needs to be taken out (of gasoline) and "the companies that put it in need to be held responsible for it." First MTBE is bad stuff. It is used in gas to cut down on pollution, but it can also leak into the ground and pollute the groundwater. But Kerry wants to hold the gasoline companies responsible for it? THE GOVERNMENT ORDERED THEM TO PUT THE STUFF IN GAS IN THE FIRST PLACE! Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Sharpton says we should press Iran on democracy using "diplomacy and trade." Ummm....we have a trade embargo in place against Iran.

It's over. Stick a fork in them.

4:05 AM

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