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Thursday, October 30, 2003
The lawsuits are starting: On Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes" a couple of weeks ago our favorite New York Times columnist Paul Krugman accused Don Luskin of being a "stalker." Luskin went on a week later and asked for a formal apology.

Of course, that's not gonna happen.

Well, Luskin's first salvo over the "stalker" slander has apparently hit one of the loony left's (and Krugman's) favorite bloggers, the anonymous Atrios, based on comments contained in this post.

Now, I suspect that Krugman got a similar letter with regard to his televised comments, or can expect one shortly, but there's no word on that from checking any of the usual sources.

Frankly, Atrios isn't worth bandwidth it took to e-mail that letter to him or the time a paralegal spent filling in the blanks on the form letter -- it's a waste of money.

Krugman is another matter, I think a libel suit against Krugman very well could be successful.

I do want to address one thing, however, that Atrios and his defenders are attempting to use as evidence that Luskin is a stalker.

Atrios points to this article from last May entitled "We Stalked. He Balked. The Truth Squad is getting to Mr. Krugman"

Now, I don't know that Luskin wrote the headline. It's not uncommon for someone other than the author of a piece to write the headline -- it's how just about every newspaper works. I don't know if it's how NRO works.

But if you read the article, you can see where the headline came from, it came from a reference to this response from Paul Krugman to some of Luskin's criticisms regarding Krugman's math problems.

If anything, this early reference is just more trouble for Krugman -- evidence of "malice aforethought" when it came to his Fox News interview.

Once again, Atrios just isn't worth it.

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