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Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Roadmap to nowhere II: Once again, the death cult commonly known as "Palestinians," has forsaken their desire for their own state in order to murder Jews. Tuesday evening, a murderous racist strapped a bomb to his body, along with bits of metal, and walked onto a bus and detonated himself -- killing 20 (so far) and wounding more than a hundred.

As I watched the news reports last night and read various Web accounts, I got increasingly furious at the utter senselessness of the murderous act. Any peace between Israel and the Palestinians is dependent on a majority of both groups wanting peace. While poll after poll and election after election has shown that the Israelis are willing to work toward peace and the creation of a docile, non-threatening Palestinian state, the peace-loving, death-cult Islamists have shown that their only goal is the destruction of Israel and every Jew they can find.

The Palestinians have not negotiated or performed in good faith. This dispatch from the Associated Press is ample evidence of that fact.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, facing growing international pressure to clamp down on militants, convened an emergency Cabinet meeting Wednesday to decide how to respond to a Hamas suicide bombing that killed 20, including five Americans.

The Cabinet did not announce a decision after its two-hour session, except to say the rule of law in the West Bank and Gaza Strip would be enforced. The final say is up to Yasser Arafat and top PLO officials, who will meet later Wednesday with Cabinet ministers. [emphasis added]

So much for the new leadership required by Bush's roadmap. Yasser Arafat was supposed to be marginalized and Mahmoud Abbas, the "new" Palestinian "prime minister" was supposed to be in charge.

At the end of the AP dispatch it includes these divergent responses to the tragedy.

The blast, just across from a synagogue, blew a hole in the bus roof and shattered the windows of a passing bus. Rescuers used blowtorches to remove some of the wounded.

Crying children with tattered clothes and bloodied faces were led away. Doctors leaned over a bloodied infant in an ambulance. Paramedics treated the wounded on the sidewalk, and body parts were strewn amid broken glass.

In an Israeli prison, Palestinian security prisoners applauded and passed out candy when they learned of the bombing, the Israel Prisons Authority said. Inmate leaders were sent into isolation and the rest had their TV sets removed as punishment, the authority said.

There will be no peace between Israel and the Palestinians in my lifetime -- I've said that before. The repeated attempts at peace -- Camp David, Oslo and the latest roadmap -- were well-intentioned, but ultimately a waste of time.

Palestinians don't want peace -- and it can't be forced upon them.

An effort needs to be made to change in the language of the debate -- this will not be easy due to the tilt of the liberal media. There should be no more "occupation." Instead, there should be a "war" between Israelis and Palestinians -- this is exactly what's going on there now, but it's not called that.

The belief has long been that the Palestinians will truly want peace when they can no longer stand war. During the past few years, though more than 2,400 Palestinians have been killed, it hasn't hurt enough. The Palestinian people still believe they can "win." Until they are disabused of that notion, there can be no peace.

Once the war is won and the Palestinians beg for peace -- be it in 5 months, 5 years or 50 years -- then generosity along the lines of the Marshall Plan can be shown. And the world will be a better place.

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