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Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Food for thought: If you're not a regular reader of Little Green Footballs, you should be. Charles Johnson has been doing excellent work focusing on what is being said and being done by our "friends" in the Arab world. Perhaps the best attribute of Johnson's Web site is that it really is a community, where there is tons of give and take between readers.

To quote Bill Cosby: "I told you that story so I could tell you this one..."

I was reading a LGF post last night that reported that a German tabloid had accused Winston Churchill of being a war criminal.

Down in the comments section "Maine's Michael" posted a question that I've been giving some thought to. I thought I'd reproduce it here, because it was slightly off-topic and generated little response -- it probably should've had it's own post.

Suppose there's a population that believes, by force of religious conviction and / or brainwashing, leavened with a capacity for intergenerational hatred, that they are here on this earth to eliminate another people, or die trying.

They raise their children on this thought venom, and after these children grow up, their brains are found to be wired differently, and furthermore, they start to act out this genocidal intent in a relentless fashion, unswayed by the kindness and 'turn the other cheek' generosity of their intended victims.

While not all within the aggressor population are actors in this violence, the non-participant majority provide moral and material support to the participants, with very, very few exceptions.

These are the Germans of WW2.

These are the Palestinians of the 21st century.


What is the correct response on the part of the target population?

This is the question that underlies the civilized world's response to "radical Islam."

How do we respond to generation after generation being raised to hate. To generation after generation being raised to take joy in the murder of "infidels," that is anyone who does not share their faith?

There's not a simple answer. Surely the "actors" (those who actually commit violence) of Maine's Michael's question must be killed -- they are cowardly warriors who target innocents. But how do we deal with those who enable the violence?

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