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Monday, October 28, 2002
Get a new slogan: This weekend there were dozens of anti-war protests across the nation, including one here in San Diego.

The sad thing is that the quotes and slogans are not only dated -- but they're stupid.

"Our biggest weapon of mass destruction is George W. Bush."
-- Rio Mezta, Ocean Beach Grassroots Organization

Ummm...I like this new weapon, but how is it delivered? Is it an artillery piece? A type of cruise missile? I'm not sure Saddam has anything to worry about from this weapon though, it only affects whiny liberals.

"We need to break the cycle. Violence begets violence."
-- Lisa Lenger, 20

Umm. Just what did we do to tick off bin Laden that "begat" us Sept. 11? Would that be defending Saudi Arabia from Iraq in 1991 and evicting Saddam from Kuwait? Please, explain to me exactly how we started this "cycle." The cycle will stop when we kill all of the terrorists, not before. Ms. Lenger's parents should get their money back for that "education."

"You want to stop terrorism, quit bombing the crap out of people."
-- Patrick Randall

Ummm...who exactly was "bombed" first? Israelis in 2000? Kuwait in 1991? Israeli Olympians in 1972? Or maybe it was the United States on Sept. 11?

Randall and his ilk just don't get it...we didn't start this! We're responding to attacks against us by terrorists, and, in the case of Iraq, someone who violated the terms of a cease-fire and numerous U.N. resolutions in an effort to create weapons of mass destruction that he has a history of using.

And, while I respect veterans for their service to this country, that service does not immunize them from being criticized for the stupidity of their remarks.

As he marched, Vietnam veteran Dave Dollins of Escondido, shouted, "Peace now, no war!"

"I'm just unhappy that we're doing this without United Nations sanctions," Dollins said, adding that the United States should exhaust every peaceful means of conflict resolution first.

This guy obviously hasn't been watching the news, reading newspapers or done anything to make himself aware of what is actually going on. He needs to listen to Ocean Beach resident Patrick Howard:

"Put down your High Times and read a newspaper once in a while."

FYI, High Times is a pro-marijuana legalization publication.

There are persuasive, well-reasoned arguments against war that are based in fact. Unfortunately you're not going to hear any of them at these anti-war rallies.

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