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Sunday, September 01, 2002
Marwan Barghouti revisited: I took MSNBC's Eric Alterman to task for his claim that Palestinian terrorist Marwan Barghouti was someone with whom Israel could make peace. Barghouti is the leader of Fatah's Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigades.

That's the same peace-loving group that did this:

Palestinian militants shot a teenaged girl in the head and killed her on Friday for "collaborating" with Israel, Palestinian sources said.

They said 18-year-old Rajah Ibrahim was the second female in a week to be killed by members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, who are affiliated with Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement. The first was her aunt, a mother of three.

Sources close to al-Aqsa said they killed her three days after abducting her in Tulkarm, one of six Palestinian cities in the West Bank reoccupied by the Israeli army in June after a series of suicide bombings in a Palestinian uprising.

The sources said she had provided information to Israeli security services that allowed troops to track down and kill the group's Tulkarm area commander, Raed Karmi, in January.

The next person to argue that Yasser Arafat is an "elected" leader and to imply that the Palestinian Authority is some sort of "democracy" gets a kick in the groin. Arafat's PA is nothing more than a thugocracy. Barghouti isn't someone interested in peace, otherwise people wouldn't be tortured and executed for turning in terrorists. Oops -- make that "freedom fighters."

The Reuters dispatch also concludes with the following box score:

At least 1,517 Palestinians and 589 Israelis have been killed since the start of the revolt in September 2000 after talks on establishing a Palestinian state stalled.

If Reuters is going to keep doing this tally, it needs to be honest about the numbers -- we need to know how many of the Palestinians have been killed by their fellow "freedom fighters."

Also of note, there is still no press release decrying the Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigades torture and execution without trial of "collaborators."

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