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Thursday, September 12, 2002
And now, in sports: A friend of mine suggested I comment on the San Diego Chargers (finally) signing first-round pick (No.5 overall) Quentin Jammer. I don't know what Chargers General Manager John Butler was trying to prove by trying to sign Jammer for less than the No. 6 pick.

Fans would've been on the Chargers' side if Jammer was asking for more than the guy drafted above him. But they were on Jammer's side because the Chargers were offering him less than the guy drafted below him.

But, in the short run, it's irrelevant. Jammer was penciled-in to start ahead of cornerback Alex Molden, and it will be at least a couple of weeks before Jammer is in physical shape and knows the defense well enough to start.

In the meantime, until Molden gets burned (would you like some butter with that toast?) and costs the Chargers a game, I don't think the fact that Jammer's warming the bench matters much. The defense -- including Molden -- looked great last week against the Bengals. But, that was the Bengals. We'll have to wait until the Chargers face a team with a real offense -- like the Patriots (Week 4) or the Broncos (Week 5).

On a football-related note, if you haven't read The San Diego Union-Tribune's Don Bauder, you're missing out. Bauder appears on the business page, not one a pay a whole lot of attention to, but he had this excellent article on the connection between these fancy government-subsidized pro-football stadiums and how it correlates to the quality of the team.

The short answer is that the two factors appear to have no connection. This sort of information doesn't bode well for Chargers owner Alex Spanos getting a new stadium built -- especially since he seems so unwilling to give up the ticket-guarantee that the city of San Diego stupidly locked itself into.

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