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Tuesday, February 19, 2002
"Special Report with Brit Hume" today on Foxnews did a report on how some California schools are teaching "tolerance." Specifically tolerance for homosexuals. Now, I've had this debate before with some politically liberal friends, but let me make it clear that there is a difference between "tolerance" and "acceptance." By definition, in order to tolerate something, you must first disagree with it. I don't approve of homosexuality, but I don't confront people about it and I don't volunteer my opinion on it. If someone asks me, I'll tell them what I think, but I'm not going around hitting people on the head about it.

Now, if you want to teach tolerance, that's fine, but what they're doing in some California schools is going too far. They're teaching about homosexuality and "transgendered" people to second-graders. Second-graders, that's 7-year-olds.

The way it's being done is also very troubling. Foxnews pulls the following quotes from the textbook "Cootie Shots."

In one of the presentations, a "transgendered" boy says: "Let them say I'm like a girl, what's wrong with being like a girl? Let them laugh, let them scream, they'll all be beheaded when I'm queen."

In another, entitled "Princess Petunia," the female main character says: "The one I love she wears a dress."

If I'm a parent, I want to know what is going on, and, at the very least, I want the option of pulling my kids out of these little presentations.

If it's not bad enough that some schools are teaching this, what's worse is some of the defenders of this curriculum. Rosa Futomuto of UCLA's teacher education program, displays intolerance for people of faith who believe that homosexuality is morally wrong.

"If they truly feel that way then their children should maybe be home-schooled. And that that would be their choice. Or maybe they can afford a private school, where they can practice racism and sexism and whatever they want to practice. They're entitled to their view, but then maybe they need to check out of the world, because that's the way the world is."

It's amazing the lengths the school system is going to to prevent homosexual kids from being teased. No matter what they try to teach, it's not going to work, not with kids that young. They couldn't stop little kids from making fun of the fat kid, and now they're trying this?

The public education system shouldn't be promoting a lifestyle with which the parents disagree. The parent should have every right to pull their kids out of this sort of "education." We're all in trouble, and maybe I will have to home school my kids if Ms. Futomuto's "let them eat cake" attitude takes hold.

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