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Wednesday, December 05, 2001
A couple of final notes before I go to bed:

Funny ha-has Jonah Goldberg (the son of the much vilified Lucianne Goldberg of Linda Tripp/Monica Lewinsky fame) is a very funny guy. I'm going to work on adding some more humor of my own to my postings when I can get in the proper mood. I'm still trying to figure out what the proper mood might be. Until then I will have to just refer you to someone who is funnier than I am, for the moment.

Goldberg's column from Monday addresses the liberal bias in the mainstream media, specifically those charges leveled by former CBS newsman Bernard Goldberg (no relation to Jonah or myself).

The priesthood of editors, media critics, and current and future Columbia Journalism School professors often defend themselves by pointing to left-wing critics who denounce the "conservative, corporate control of the media," or some similar prattle. They say, "See. there are smart lefties who say we're too conservative."

This, needless to say, is an unpersuasive argument for a host of reasons. But let's just stick to the logic for a moment. If I say you are ugly, you do not refute my assertion by pointing to someone uglier. Alec Baldwin isn't any less stoopid simply by virtue of the fact that he can point to someone who eats lead paint-chips like they were Doritos and say, "But Cletus thinks I'm really smart."

Yes, everyone knows that the major media tilts left. Some people (my uncle, for example "Hi Jim!") think that the media doesn't just tilt left, it slants, angles, leans and, well, if it were a boat it would capsize in a second.

Anyway, read Goldberg's (Jonah) column, and, in a couple of months, you may want to buy Goldberg's (Bernard) book.

Need a home (page)? One of my loyal readers wrote to tell me that Hoystory was her new home page. If you're looking for a good home page, bookmark mine and take it home. You'll be glad you did.

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