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Monday, April 29, 2002
I've got a confession to make. I'm 29 and I'm single. Now this isn't a bad thing, really mother. I've had various plans for finding a mate. The first one was to go on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" win the million and then go on "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire." Skippy and Darva screwed that plan up for me.

I'm not into reality shows, I usually spend my TV-watching hours enthralled with O'Reilly, Keyes or Hume, but one of my friends mentioned that he was watching the ABC show "The Bachelor." I expected that the show would be something like Fox's "Temptation Island," whose premise was ridiculous -- couples in "committed" relationships flirt with strangers. If they were in a committed relationship they wouldn't even think of putting themselves in that position.

Anyway, I watched the final few episodes of the show and the people I was most impressed with were Alex's parents. They had their heads on straight, but no one else did, until the final minutes when it appeared as though Alex might have some sense too -- maybe the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

I tried to put myself in The Bachelor's shoes as I was watching each episode, imagining how I would behave. I put a lot of stock in chivalry, being honest and not leading women on. The Bachelor did all of those. I would have gone much slower than he did. In the latter episodes it is suggested, and probably very likely, that he's sleeping with the women -- at least the two finalists. My beliefs and moral grounding prohibit me from doing that with a woman who is not first my wife.

By the time I'd kissed one of the women, it would probably be the last minutes of the final episode -- and it would be the one girl I had chosen. I think that the women who put up with Alex's "playing the field" were selling themselves really short, but fame and television can do that to you.

From everything I've gathered, The Bachelor is pretty normal.

I can't say exactly how I would behave in any given situation that I might face if ABC chose me for the "Bachelor II," but I wouldn't have done the same The Bachelor. I'm unsure of whether I would be boring because I'm not sucking face with every woman at the drop of a hat, or if it would create more suspense with viewers waiting for me to stumble.

Of course, I seldom have one woman chasing after me, let alone 25.

11:47 PM

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