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Sunday, November 27, 2005
Media watch: "Fox News Watch" yesterday had the panelists passing out their "Turkey Awards." Two of the "honorees" were amusing -- not so much because of who the honoree was, but for what the logic behind the nomination was.

American University's Jane Hall -- who we last spied demonstrating her ignorance on how the appellate courts worked -- gave her Turkey Award to the U.S. government for the damage it was doing to journalism by investigating the Nadagate leak of Valerie Plame's name and calling all these journalists to testify before the grand jury.

Hall's ignorance was once again demonstrated when she had not darts left for all of the liberal media outlets -- especially The New York Times -- who crusaded for the very investigation that she is now decrying.

Speaking of the Times, Neal "see no liberal media bias" Gabler gave hsi Turkey Award to the Times because its liberal editorial page has affected the paper's news coverage.

But seriously. The Times got Gabler's Turkey Award because it's in the tank for the Bush administration and columnist David Brooks just parrots the GOP talking points. Gabler, of course, doesn't need facts to back him up -- ignoring the fact that Brooks has had seven crossover columns this year, compared to ... say ... Paul Krugman's "Democrats can do no wrong" columns. If Gabler's looking for a hack -- it's Krugman, not Brooks.

Gabler also had a particularly odious take on media coverage of the Iraq War. Gabler heartily approved of the media's "all suicide bombings, all the time" coverage because that is the "truth" on the ground and that any effort to promote or even acknowledge positive military accomplishments in Iraq that might steal time from the terrorists and their bombs would be perpetuating a "lie." I used to think that Gabler was merely misguided -- now I'm becoming more convinced that's he's merely a disgusting human being.

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