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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Some quality reads: Here are a few articles that you may have missed, but are well worth your time.

If there's a San Diego equivalent of a political family like the Kennedy clan of Massachusetts, then it's the Inzunzas. Nick Inzunza is the mayor of Chula Vista. His brother Ralph is a San Diego city councilman. Then there's brother Michael, who's been paid $60,000 by the Sweetwater Union High School District to edit and publish Blurb magazine -- to be distributed to high school students. This school year, he has managed to get out one edition -- in December.

Inzunza's contract calls for him to work 225 days a year, more than the 187 expected of teachers, Leopold said. He has submitted monthly records to the district indicating he worked hours consistent with his contract from January through March of this year.

He's done all of this work, but let's say this again -- he's published one edition. Read the entire article and see if you think that everything appears above board.

For those of you interested in this weekend's upcoming NFL draft, check out this story on the 40-yard dash times of professional football players.

But it is another Canadian, Ben Johnson, who is believed to have run 40 yards faster than any human in history. Johnson is best known for injecting copious amounts of steroids and winning the 100 meters at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul in 9.79 seconds, only to have his gold medal and world record stripped after failing a post-race drug test.

Timing officials have since broken down that famed race into 10-meter increments, and Johnson was so preposterously fast that he went through 50 meters in 5.52 seconds and 60 meters in 6.37 – both under the current world records at those distances. He went through 40 yards that day in 4.38 seconds.

He was running in spikes . . . on a warm afternoon perfectly suited for sprinting . . . with a slight tailwind . . . with years of training from arguably track's top coach, Charlie Francis . . . with Carl Lewis and six others of the fastest men on the planet chasing him . . . with 69,000 people roaring at Seoul's Olympic Stadium . . . with hundreds of millions of people watching on TV . . . with the ultimate prize in sports, an Olympic gold medal, at stake.

And, as we learned later, with muscles built with the assistance of the anabolic steroid stanazolol.

Four-point-three-eight seconds.

Then again, maybe Ben Johnson isn't the fastest 40-yard man in the world.

Maybe half the NFL is faster.

For those of you who like, say any of Nicholas Sparks' novels, check out this sappy story.

2:22 AM

While I agree that the NFL 40 yard times are deflated, I'm pretty sure that they get a moving start. Even at Ben Johnson's weight, a moving start is very significant.
Nope, those are standing starts. If you read the entire article they make it clear that one of the problems with the NFL's times is that they start the clock "on the player's motion" -- that only makes sense if it's a standing start.

Also, the entire tone of the article would be so far off if you were talking about running starts. The writer wouldn't be talking about Ben Johnson's first 40 yards, but yards 30-70 or 20-60.
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