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Thursday, November 11, 2004
Coverup: I've said it many times, but I don't spend a lot of time visiting the innumerable lefty blog sites. I find enough to get annoyed by and blog about from just reading the mainstream media. Also, that time can be much better spent blasting covenant aliens.

Other bloggers are far more intrepid than I, specifically Patterico. Patterico saw a post on TalkLeft, a site run by lawyer and TV talking head Jeralyn Merritt. The post decried the Secret Service coming to a blogger's house and questioning her about her blog. As is typical for many of the more fragile lefties, cries of intimidation and censorship appeared like flies on feces.

Patterico then had the audacity to point out one of those annoying facts that TalkLeft had failed to reveal -- in the post that prompted the Secret Service's visit the blogger had called for the assassination of President Bush not once, but twice.

That's what TalkLeft describes only as a post "critical" of Bush. Nowhere in the TalkLeft post itself (as opposed to the comments) is there any hint that the blogger in question had threatened Bush's life.

Now, reasonable people can debate whether it is really the best use of the Secret Service's time to pay a visit to someone like this, who is most likely just a foul-mouthed idiot engaging in a pathetic attempt at humor. While I can see arguments on both sides, I tend to think that this particular visit was a waste of the agents' time.

I tend to agree with Patterico that this was a waste of resources, but in this day and age it's better safe than sorry.

What's really disgusting, but not surprising, is that once Patterico pointed out this little problem in the comments section over at Talkleft he was censored! (This is not really an accurate use of the term "censored," since it is not being done by the government, but it is certainly in line of the way the term is regularly used by those on the left.)

I put up my own comment about this on the TalkLeft post, pointing out that the poor blogger visited by the Secret Service had actually called for the assassination of Bush. TalkLeft deleted portions of my comment and posted this ridiculous "update":

Update: Not so clever attempts by Right wing bloggers, including a prosecutor, to post words in the comments to this post that will result in this site being linked to unacceptable behavior when googled have led to a decision to shut the comments down. Their comments have been edited.

Oh, please, Jeralyn. Don't try to make it sound like I deliberately tried to pollute your site by actually quoting the blogger whom you tried to portray as such a victim.

Yeah, what he said.

10:33 PM

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