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Friday, October 08, 2004
Blame America First: John Kerry's advisors -- Joe Lockhart and Mike McCurry -- are on Fox News' "Big Story" program and uttered the following absolutely outrageous and incredible statement.

John Gibson: Mike, Joe, as long as you're looking through those rose-colored glasses, what does the U.N. look like? The coalition of the bribed. You've got Saddam Hussein over their bribing them. How do you expect to do any diplomacy when people are stuffing billions of dollars in their pockets?

Lockhart: Well, we expect them to do some diplomacy when countries around the world trust us. And when we don't cut them out of the decision-making process and we don't cut them out of the reconstruction. John Kerry will bring a fresh start and the world will respond.

Apparently, through those goofy rose colored glasses, Americans look like they're really stupid.

Saddam wasn't bribing France and Russia because we went to war, he was bribing them to prevent war and get rid of the sanctions. The "trust" regarding WMDs and reconstruction contracts occurred after the French and Russians and others in the U.N. had been taking bribes for nearly a decade.

You've got to be kidding me.

Gibson hits the spinners again, and they demonstrate that Democrats are the ones in utter denial about reality -- not Republicans.

Gibson: Saddam was using the oil-for-food to amass billions of dollars to bribe the U.N. Security Council. How would any American president, even a President Kerry, expect to get his diplomatic initiatives through, when people were taking money to go against him.

McCurry: It starts with a more coherent work within the security council to strengthen the sanctions regimes that are in place.

You idiots just don't get it. The damn sanctions regimes were the probem. The sanctions were what Saddam Hussein was using to line his pockets. The French and the Russians aren't going to "strengthen" them if they're going to lose billions of dollars. In fact, prior to 9/11, the French and Russians were working to get rid of the sanctions -- even after the U.N. inspectors had been gone for four years.

The Democrats see the U.N. as some sort of collection of benevolent saints -- it's not. And until the Democrats come to that realization, they can't be trusted with any office above that of dog catcher.

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